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There are some reasons why you might need to create a website, but you must choose a hosting alternative for this website before you do. Hosting gives your site somewhere to exist online. Following is excellent explanation for what website hosting is, by HostGator.com: “The web hosting or server is much such as the space that you just rent out to have your business in. It is just space. It doesn’t contain furnishings like ledges for the goods, just as the web hosting report does not contain a site for you to sell your products. Without the hosting services, you will not have a location for your files to live, so your domain name would then become like a disconnected phone number in the phone directory, and your website files would have nowhere to remain.”

Deciding at a hosting business might appear to be a minor selection, but to me, it’s among the very critical choices you’ll be able to make together with your business. To some extent, this is your whole existence as your website is the portal to the business. I advocate WP Engine to my customers working with WordPress websites, and there are some reasons why.


WP Engine is a hosting platform for WordPress websites. Our clients just work with WordPress, so that means that hardware and all their software is made especially for all these websites. Our clients provide managed to host, meaning they take part in the rear end of your hosting, shielding you from hacks, offering high speed for the website, in addition to backing up your website daily.


1. Security – among the very critical things a company that is hosting must offer is security. I’ve spent repairing and restoring the sites of customers who picked to go using a hosting business that was more economical. The very best part is if a security problem happens, our clients will manage all security problems for you, which means you do not need to do anything. At no price for you, they are going to focus on restoring your website.

2. Speed – WP Engine maintains that their new WordPress design, EverCache, will let a large number of users go to your website without your website being taken or experiencing slow speed. You’ll be able to get in touch with our clients to supply temporary measures to adapt the traffic knowing your website will experience significant traffic. Also, website speed is tracked by Google. Google will penalize sites that won’t consistently advocate that website high, and can not manage many visitors. In case your speed is quick, that is not far worse for the internet search engine optimization (or SEO), and will enable visitors to locate your website.

3. Back-ups – You do not need to pay additional to backup your website in case a malfunction or a hack happens. WP Engine offers established back-ups to the time machine so that it is possible to restore a previous version in case hacking happens, plus they’ve one click restores points. And the very best part is the fact that they backup your website each and every day having a backup formula that they create.

4. Development – Whether you turn into a professional, or will do that yourself, WP Engine is great. WP Engine has all of the websites (no moving parts) and is quite a technology heavy. One characteristic that is excellent is that they provide a clone button of your live website that duplicates your website to the theatrical production environment. That is very good for development as it create a “sandbox” website for development and testing without affecting your present, live website. There is also a theatrical production environment (temp URL) to examine your website before going live. These are just a few of the alternatives they provide to programs, as stated by the WP Engine website:

“Having trouble running down a performance issue? We’ll do code-level PHP profiling propose code changes to address the issue, particularly when there is something inside our very own design you could benefit from and to recognize it.

A PHP bug? The of the options offer error logs to help out you.

Use direct SFTP access to your own site’s wp-content directory, to use your preferred HTML, CSS, and PHP editor in your notebook to personalize your website. Forget about editing code in small internet fields!”

5. Support – The best portion of a hosting firm that managed the support they provide! Each and every individual is a WordPress pro, so in case you are having issues using a plugin or have a question about upgrading a subject, you should just contact their free, expert views to be heard by them!

The team is focused on creating visual experiences that efficiently tell our clients’ narratives while participating, exciting, and enticing their customers. Our business is made from WordPress and development, the very best web design, internet search engine optimization (or SEO), and copywriting professionals. Our creator, Andy Weiss, has been employed in the internet, print and graphic design business for more than twenty years.